“His word is in my heart like a fire… I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.” Jeremiah 20:9

Oh… how I am full of words! They fill me, excite me, motivate me, encourage me, engage me, and, sometimes in an overwhelming fashion, flow out of me. If you don’t believe me, ask those around me. (I have a husband, 3 children, many friends, and even a dog who will confirm this!) Better yet, let’s spend some time together. It will not take long to experience the spilling over of these words. They express my heart, my love, my passion, my fears, my hurt, my struggle, my humor and my faith!

That has not always been the case though. For years, I was the “quiet one”… rarely heard… too shy to speak. The Lord changed that though when His Spirit captured my heart and began changing the person I had always been into the person He desired me to be. (I often joke that, like the song “Shackles” by Mary Mary, He took the duct tape off my mouth so I could speak.) Because of this significant change, I see these words within me as His… a manifestation of His Spirit living and moving in and through me. He does not need my words yet, because He gave them to me, I offer them back to Him… for His use in whatever way.. large or small.(1Peter 4:10)

So here they are: words pressed on my heart by His spirit to ponder…share…encourage. I do hope they encourage you, bless you, maybe make you smile or laugh, but, most of all, I hope they cause you to ponder Him and His truths. This journey through life is no easy thing but it is somehow easier if we are real, honest, vulnerable, and do it with a friend. This is hard, risky, real and often fun but it is what He asks us to do… give as we have been given. Let’s see where He leads!

I invite you to take a little time and ponder those things He presses deeply on our heart… those heart prints. I invite you to “pull up a chair” and see the difference we can make in our world when we allow Him to reveal the deeper things of life as we ponder His Truth and Love and discover afresh the hope we find in Him!

Thanks for hearing my words but most of all… thanks for hearing my heart!

Pondering Together ~

Margaret… wife, mother, friend, collector of words, and child of God!


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