Hello world!

World? Is that really who I am greeting? The computer generated title seems to tell me so.

I am not sure I am quite ready to say hello to the world! World seems awful big! World seems too large…too impersonal.

I wonder if the few sets of eyes that will actually read this can constitute a “world”?  A very small world.  A simple world.  An intimate world.

A world consisting of friends. Friends gathering together to ponder. Yes…This feels a bit more comfortable.

Friends gathering together to ponder the deep Truths that He presses on our hearts. That’s the kind of world that inspires me!

A world that can fit around a table, look each other in the eyes, and be real…honest…vulnerable. That type of world is life changing and life giving!

We are scattered though. You and me… all of us… in so many different places… different seasons…different circumstances.

We are busy!

We have lists!

We have lives!

We have hurts!

We have fears!

Can we find a way to gather together anyway? If not around a table then maybe in our hearts?

Can we find a way to create a place… a space… a moment to allow our worlds to connect? Can we find a way to allow our hearts to connect? Can we find a way to change our little world right in front of us?

The title says “Hello World” yet my heart cries “Hello Friend”!

As I say hello, I am not sure where this gathering of words will lead. I am not sure how The Lord can use an offering of words. I trust Him though. He is faithful. He gives so that we can in response give back. He has given me words… lots of words! So in this place, I will place some of these words. Not because they are profound or important but simply because He gave them and in response… I am giving them back.

So… “Hello World!”… “Hello Friend!”

Let’s ponder together!

~ Margaret


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